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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

KCHD's Weekly COVID-19 Video Series

As we look ahead to Thanksgiving, a day that is marked by good food, community and giving thanks, we know many of you will likely be traveling or gathering with your loved ones. We want you to enjoy this time with your family and friends - that means we want you to be healthy. To make sure you are not walking away from Thanksgiving with anything more than just a full belly and good memories, please listen to this video for infection control guidelines! (Date: 11/18/2021)

KCHD's Weekly COVID-19 Video Series continues this week, discussing the Pfizer vaccine being authorized for children ages 5-11. This video addresses common questions and concerns and provides details on where you can get your children vaccinated! If you have any questions, please call 865-215-5555. (Date: 11/5/2021)

KCHD’s Weekly COVID-19 Video Series continues this week, discussing COVID-19 booster doses. The FDA and CDC authorized and provided recommendations for booster doses of the Moderna and J&J vaccine. Watch this video for a breakdown and explanation of what that means. (Date: 10/26/2021)

With COVID-19, folks have understandably had some questions. This week's video discusses some of the topics of those frequently asked questions including testing, booster doses and quarantine & isolation guidelines. Our website is a great resource for all information and resources regarding COVID-19. (Date: 10/20/2021)

In this week's video we are talking about vaccinations across our community. Vaccine uptake has decreased week over week since the last week of August. Fortunately, we have seen cases decrease across the community, however COVID-19 is still very much here and has the potential to get folks very sick from this virus. The quickest way out of this pandemic and the best way to protect you and the ones that you love is by getting vaccinated. Getting your COVID-19 vaccine also makes it harder for future variants to develop and then spread. (Date: 10/13/21)

KCHD's weekly video series continues with a local update of the COVID-19 situation in Knox County. Along with vaccinating folks 5 days a week at our three clinic locations, our community vaccination team hosts vaccination events at businesses, non-profits, churches, and other organizations, allowing vaccine to be readily available. Additionally, the video discusses the COVID-19 trendline of numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. Within the graphs seen in the video, you will see the trendline going down, however it's still higher than we would like to see. As always, folks are encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they have not yet already, and for those who qualify, please get your booster dose. (Date: 10/05/21)

This week we are continuing KCHD's weekly video series, discussing the COVID-19 booster dose. Please watch this video to see Kelsey Wilson, Director of Communications break down the process of getting a booster dose and who is eligible to receive them. Those who are eligible may schedule an appointment to receive their booster dose of Pfizer by calling the KCHD Public Information Line at 865-215-5555. (Date: 9/29/21)

This week for KCHD's weekly video series, we are discussing quarantine and isolation guidelines, used by public health to reduce the spread of an infectious disease. This video provides vital details of the ins and outs of what to do if you get COVID-19 or if you are classified as a close contact. (Date: 9/22/21)

This week we are continuing KCHD's weekly video series, focusing on the local situation. This video details the importance of following the layered mitigation strategies to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and working together to keep our community safe and healthy. (Date: 9/14/21)

This week for KCHD's weekly video series, we are focusing on the topic on contact tracing. This video details the steps involved in contact tracing and stresses the importance of individuals providing relevant information to public health and following isolation/quarantine guidance to prevent further spread. (Date: 9/7/21)

KCHD's COVID-19 Video Series Intro Video, highlighting the local COVID-19 situation, urging the community to get vaccinated. Discussing the importance of a layered mitigation strategy to keep you and those around you safe.