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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Health Department

A Community Strategy for Phased Reopening

Knox County & City of Knoxville


COVID-19 and Your Organization
Subcategories Open in Phase Two:
  • Restaurants and similar food establishments
  • Bars and breweries for seated consumption
  • Coffee shops
  • Bakeries
  • Food trucks and food truck parks
  • All other seated establishments with food or beverage for onsite consumption
NOT Open in Phase Two:
  • The bar/counter section of seating within an establishment
  • Self-service food, beverage, etc.
  • Non-seated on-premise consumption of food or beverage
Still have questions?
  • Please call Knox County Health Department's Environmental Health Division at 865-215-5200

Additional Resources

  1. Designate a COVID-19 Coordinator

    Each organization is asked to select a COVID-19 coordinator for each of their physical locations. The COVID-19 coordinator will lead the implementation of strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Each COVID-19 Coordinator should be the person from that organization who signs up for the COVID-19 email listserv.

    Listserv Registration
  2. Download and follow the Industry-Specific Checklist

    This checklist summarizes the guidance from the plan.

    Download the Checklist

    If helpful, download the Occupancy, Sanitation and Disinfection Template and modify it to the needs of your organization.

    Occupancy, Sanitation and Disinfection Template
  3. Post Safety Signage

  4. Review the Hierarchy of Controls and video presentations

    Watch the following video that provides more information on general guidelines for phased reopening by clicking here (English | Spanish). Review the Hierarchy of Controls for practical strategies you can incorporate at your organization.

    Knox County Health Dept R 4192 200430 Phased Reopening ( English | Spanish )